Hellingly History Skills Progression

At Hellingly School our aim is to stimulate the children’s interest and understanding about the past and to foster a love of learning for history. We want our children to build a worthwhile understanding of British and World history and understand that the story of the past can be told in different ways.

Children need to understand that history is created from the evidence that remains and that the process of being a historian is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle; there are lots of pieces, not all from one box, and we don’t know where to place them. At Hellingly we want our children to become history detectives, hunting down clues and trying to solve a historical puzzle using the evidence available.

Children learn through a variety of ways in and outside the classroom through cross curricular links with other subjects, trips, visitors, workshop days and by using a range of artefacts, sources and interpretations about the past.

History Displays at Hellingly School


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