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Class Notes

Mr Trent is the class teacher for Stars Class.
Mrs Cordell is the TA for Stars Class

PE in term 6 will be taught on a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child wears their PE kits to school on these days.

Monday with Mr Trent – Dance

Wednesday with Mrs Norton – Gymnastics

Our Term 2 topic is: “The Second World War – how does war effect the lives of children?”

Young children leaving their homes in September 1939, just before the war started. Notice the luggage labels with their names and home address on.

Our Enquiry this term will continue to look at the reasons behind countries entering into war with a particular focus on WWII which will give the children the opportunity to discuss the impacts and outcomes of this conflict in greater depth.  The children  will be taught about choosing reliable sources of information, evaluating and using evidence to support arguments, identifying and comparing changes and writing about a historical event using different sources. 

This term we will be focusing on evacuation, the Blitz, the key people of the war on both sides, the Home Front (including rationing and the key military events from the beginning of the war such as The Battle of Britain and Dunkirk) and how the war affected families.

The children will be given time to explore an aspect of WW2 that particularly interests them and there will be opportunities to research this during our computing lessons.

In science we will look at electrical circuits combining this with the role of the SOE in occupied France during the war so that in DT the children will design and build secret portible morse code machine using circuits they have learnt in science. In computing we will looking at internet safety and networks. In PE we learn dance and gymnastics. Our RE will take a closer look at the Christian faith leading up to Christmas.

Curriculum Meeting September 2022

Please find below the slides used for the meeting with parents on Thursday 22nd September 2022.

Imperial War Museum Trip

Please find below a power point presentation of our proposed trip in December.

Termly Newsletters

History Day 15th September 2022

Today the children of Stars class were taken back to the summer of 1914 and the beginning of the First World War. They learnt a great deal about life for the soldiers in the trenches, what they wore, carried, ate and behaved. They tried a bit of first aid, signaling and were able to investigate what the weapons the soldiers used looked and felt like.

The Land Girls ready for a bit of manual labour!
Our poor evacuees ready to be sent far away from home and the dangers of the bombing.
This platoon are ready to defend our shores!
These children did some excellent work on what the trenches looked like.
Winston Churchill and one of his Generals before a Cabinet meeting.

Weekly spellings
New spellings will be given out on Mondays and tested the following Monday. Each week your child will receive 10 spellings. 4 will be based on a pattern learnt during lesson time and 6 will be taken from either their enquiries or from the year 5 and 6 wordlists. Children who are completing the SNIP spelling programe will only need to focus on these spellings weekly.

Please continue to practise the statutory 5/6 spellings throughout the term.

Term 2 Spellings


Please read 5 times weekly.


Maths home learning will be set remotely from TT Rockstars. Your child has been sent home with their login details.

Times Table Rock Stars

Year 6 recommended reads

Need some inspiration for your next reading book? How about trying some of these year 6 recommended reads. Remember if there is a particular book series/author please let us know and we can try to add it to our school library.