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Welcome to Comets class page!

Comets class are also supported by our teaching assistants:

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Comets take part in PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please come to school in your PE kit.


Can you survive anywhere in the world?

Term 2

Our Enquiry this term is based on survival. How do animals adapt to different environments and overcome difficulties and challenges to thrive in extremes? Building on our knowledge of ‘who eats who?’ from term one we will be studying the different and ingenious ways animals survive inhospitable conditions. 

Our enquiry will be science and geography based, looking at animal adaptations such as insulation, for survival in different climates around the globe. As our core text is all about Emperor penguins we will be looking specifically at polar environments and developing our geographical skills by comparing different parts of the world. In dance, we will be exploring music and movement as we create our winter themed performances. In Art, we will also be looking at developing our drawing and sculpture skills, by drawing and creating birds. We will be exploring different media and resources to create our sculptures.

Knowledge Organiser

This is our knowledge organiser for term 2. It is full of useful information and vocabulary.

Curriculum Meeting

Our curriculum meeting is on 25th September and we will post a copy of the slides here afterwards.



Here you will find all of the newsletters for Comets class.

Home Learning


In Comets, we aim to read at home EVERY DAY.

We have a class library in which you can choose books to share at home. Please bring your new book and reading record into school every day so we can change books and read at school as well as at home. We have banded books that are matched to our phonic ability to read independently and ‘reading for pleasure’ books to share, perhaps as a bedtime story.


Please log in to Numbots using your log-in card and use this to become a times table rockstar in training! We can now also use our logins to begin becoming times table rock stars! Year 2 should focus on x10, x5, and x2 tables!

Year 2 suggested reads

English resources

Below are some of the common exception words for Year 2. These are trickier words that don’t necessarily follow the phonics rules, so it will help your child to take a look at them regularly to help them to become more fluent in reading these!

Maths resources