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Welcome to Asteroids Class

Class Notes

Welcome to Asteroids!

Mrs Betts is our class teacher.

You will find lots of useful information on our class page. Please keep checking for the latest events and photos. Remember to check Marvellous Me for classroom updates and our Hellingly School Facebook page.

PE will be taught on a Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure you come to school wearing your correct clothing.

We will be focusing on invasion games on Mondays and movement skills on Wednesdays.


Term 2

Have toys changed over time?

In term 2 we will be making some comparisons between life nowadays and life in the past. We will be looking at stories in familiar settings, as well as writing some letters to Father Christmas and expanding our poetry repetoire. As part of our studies on toys, we will be looking at materials and their different properties, thinking about which materials are best for which jobs.

We will also make our own simple toy, a puppet. This is a fantastic opportunity to apply and learning about materials whilst improving our fine motor skills by sewing!

Please find below some useful vocabulary to discuss with your child which underpins our learning this term.

Our core text:

Curriculum Meeting

Here is the information shared at our parent curriculum meeting on Tuesday 27th September.


Home Learning

Each week we will have some spellings to practice, which are linked to our learning in phonics. We will also bring home a fully decodeable reading book and a reading for pleasure book to share at home.



There are two modes to Numbots: Story mode for building understanding and challenge mode to put your math skills to the test!

In Story Mode, the emphasis is on mathematical concepts and is underpinned by a mastery approach to teaching. Story Mode features visual representations, procedural variation, exposure to different calculation strategies and interleaved material all in very carefully sequenced order.

In Challenge Mode, the emphasis is on rapid responses to essential facts and simple sums, against the clock. Challenge Mode is locked for new users and is unlocked once players reach a certain level on Story Mode. It’s currently set to unlock part way through Tin stage.

Bedgebury Pinetum 12th October 2022

We had a lovely day visiting Bedgebury. We learned all about the different types of trees, such as deciduous and evergreen, complicated words! We even learned some new names such as Redwood and habitat.

Other useful resources

Recommended reads

Supplement your child’s reading diet with some of these great titles: