Reports and Performance

Here you can find reports, data and links related to our school’s performance, achievement and Ofsted assessment.

1. Ofsted Reports

We last received Ofsted in June 2016. We were proud to be given a ‘Good’ grade in all areas of the school. This latest school Ofsted report is available below: 

All our other historic Ofsted reports are also available for reference on the Ofsted website here 

2. Latest Exam and Assessment Results

Hellingly CP School Statutory Data 2023
EYFS Good Level of Development6777
Year 1 phonics7880
Year 2 cumulative phonics81
Year 2Reading expected +6868
Year 2 Reading greater depth190
Year 2writing expected +6066
Year 2 Writing greater depth80
Year 2 maths expected +7166
Year 2 maths greater depth160
Year 6Reading expected +7369
Year 6 Reading greater depth2921
Year 6 TA writing expected +7179
Year 6 TA Writing greater depth140
Year 6 GPAS expected +7252
Year 6 GPAS greater depth3014
Year 6 maths expected +7362
Year 6 maths greater depth2414
Year RWM combined expected +5952

Rampion Federation Statutory Data 2023

You can access our School Performance Tables on the DfE website here.

Here you will find Hellingly’s most recent KS2 results and access to other useful government school data.

3. Parent View

What is Parent View? 

Parent View is an Ofsted service that allows parents to give their views about this school at any time of the year, by completing a simple online questionnaire. At the time of an Ofsted inspection, parents are also invited to give inspectors their views using Parent View.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of school, from the  quality of teaching, to dealing with any issues relating to bullying or  poor behaviour. You are able to highlight the strengths of school also.

Hellingly Parent View Results

At Hellingly we strive to ensure that any issues brought to our attention by parents are dealt with swiftly and to the satisfaction of all.

Please view our school results here

Have Your Say…

If you’d like to have your say then follow just this link to the Parent View website to get started. 

4. Other Useful Links 

  1. DfE School Comparison Tool
  2. Inspecting Schools – Guidance For Parents